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Our Mission

To innovate and advance soil-based technologies for stimulating the growth of desirable perennial plant species, allowing them to outcompete invasive weeds.

Before: Ranchland untreated pasture showing dominance of annual grasses.

After: Ranchland treated pasture showing dominance of perennial grasses 14 months after treatment.


Grasslands are the backbone of rural grazing economies, the home of iconic wildlife and the headwater source of cold, clear municipal drinking water. Our grasslands are also at risk. Tens of millions of acres have been degraded and are imperiled by catastrophic wildfire and seemingly irreversible ecological decline. Effective restoration options are few. Enter Edaphix and an innovative platform of patented and ground-breaking products for land restoration. Edaphix’s micronutrient-rich products power perennial vegetation growth and restore grassland health.

e·daph·ic [əˈdafik] Relating to soil, especially as it affects living organisms.
E·daph·ix® [əˈdafix] Relating to fixing the soil, especially as it involves restoring nutrient levels and grassland health.