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Nutrafix Soils

Creates healthy soil by replacing lost nutrients. Soils depleted in nutrients are subject to low vegetation productivity, low species diversity, and invasion by weeds. Healthy soils promote soil structure development, enhances infiltration thus reduces drought, stimulates nutrient cycling, promotes organic matter build-up and accelerates soil ecology resulting in enhanced growth of desirable plants.

Enhances plant community composition and accelerates plant succession. Weedy plant species thrive in degraded and nutrient-poor soil where they outcompete desirable plant species. Invasive plants are the symptom of unhealthy and nutrient poor soil. By replacing plant nutrients and positively altering soil chemistry the dominance of invasive plants can be reversed allowing for establishment of desirable late successional plant species such as perennial native bunchgrasses and native forbs important to pollinators.

Highly effective using biomimicry, our products emulate naturally occurring soil biogeochemical processes therein restoring perennial plants’ natural ability to fight off invasion by undesirable plants. Results are typically observed in the first growing season with further improvements observed in the second and third growing seasons.

Long lasting and easy to apply with conventional spreaders and sprayers. One-time applications are common and last for many years depending on climate and management.

Livestock and wildlife friendly because products are natural, mineral-derived nutrients containing Ca, Mg, S, Fe, Mn, Mo, B, Cu and Zn that are required by plants and animals for healthy growth.

Healthy food and forage full of micronutrients results in highly sought-after, high-quality vegetation.

Enhances carbon capture because of successful deep rooted, native, perennial vegetation.

Application timing and rate variation is adaptable to your site and conditions. Varying application rates can be used to select for different purposes ranging from low rates for prevention of soil degradation to high rates for heavily degraded sites.

Reduces wildfire fuels and hazards allowing less combustible, deep-rooted and native perennial vegetation to remain greener longer in the growing than shallow-rooted early successional vegetation that dries out early often resulting in accelerated fire intensity and frequency.

Seeding of native plants alongside our products is a favorable strategy, unlike some herbicide treatments which may kill all seeds in the soil seedbank for a period of years.

Granular and foliar products for Cropland & Turf platforms coming soon!