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There are 100 million acres of unhealthy rangeland affected by annual grasses, 30 million acres of turf grasses invaded by broadleaf weeds, and additional hundreds of millions of acres of pasture and cropland imperiled by invasive plants. The global need for innovation is compelling. New technologies that reduce the use of herbicide, increase the capture of soil carbon, improve soil health and are healthy for the planet are critically needed. Edaphix is committed to developing those innovations that result in nutrient-dense soil where weeds struggle and desirable species thrive. We have a robust start on that journey measured by a family of patented innovations, a breakthrough product release, and many on-going research efforts.

US 8,835,355  |  US 9,096,478  |  US 9,775,357  |  US 10,251,399  |  US 10,681,913  |  US 11,357,232

 Additional patents pending 

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